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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SHAHAR PEER as a player and -why also me ?

She is a young lady, a tennis player of Israel that I admired most.She will turn 22 years old this coming May 2009. To her young age she's already bringing home more than a million bucks from her playing career. With the height of 5"7" and weighing 60 kilos she's very sexy to my eyesight.According to wikipedia she just turned pro last year 2004 with an asset playing right, two-handed backhand comparing to mostly peoples here are left-handed humans. Tennis world rank she earned was #15 and that was recorded last January 29,2007.

Last week a short news on tv saying she was rejected to play in DUBAI. It did not bothered or surprised me anymore. She is an Israeli.But what about me? I have a first experienced of this word REJECTING.In my SURVIVOR blog there is called EC dropping, a kind of boosts to co-bloggers around the world and in same time adding traffic rank to its blogs. While I'm looking to some blogs to advert my logo , it was last few days ago, I try to advert to one blog which is blog author ,owner was in Dubai. I don't have anything on my mind about it at this moment because I'm only a caregiver here , a filipino citizen that I knew all filipinos has a good time living in that place and mostly are my friends and relatives.In my surprise , the next day I received an email that my request was REJECTED. First word came out to my mind now was WHY? and ALSO ME!!? then laugh.If Dubai will offer same salary here and good treatment like we have here today , I might apply soon if still my age will allow to work in that place. It is very nice and world wonder place that everybody are dreaming to work there sometimes.


Chuchie Wilks February 25, 2009 at 4:30 AM  

How could they do that? It should be an honor for them being bought just to advertise on their page...Sad to hear about that te..but they are quite arrogant..maybe they think they have the nicest page in the world.