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Friday, May 29, 2009

Will RAFA claim the 2009 Roland Garros trophy again??

The KING OF CLAY , the fourth time champion in Roland Garros and the only tennis player obtained his 31rst consecutive win match champion then made the record of 32 consecutive straight sets winning in the 3rd round match with HEWITT in yesterday's actions  at French open.It was funny that some audiences puts a boooo to Nadal for his last winning served.While Hewitt didn't catched from his naked eye to where the ball was dropped but Nadal claims  then referree Joseph ruled out,  so the ending was  accepted by Hewitt-of course and he congratulated RAFA.Nice gesture this time from Hewitt that the only champion  which I dont like. Scores 6-6-6 for NADAL and 1-3-1 earned by Hewitt.

Way back of thier previous match in Autralian open 2005, Master's Open in Hamburgh 2007, etc. we noticed the long awaited improvements of Nadal  that we are watching now.Standing as world's  in tennis rankings is  now preparing for his fourth match . Could he  get another collection of trophy from Roland Garros again? Oh..YES or maybe and prediction is YES!.He looks more good this time to finish the the third round, no traces of stress or tiredness that I remembered viewing  in some of his games before. 

This match have already in you tube and you can continue watching all incoming match of this game at or LIVE telecast in some sports channel. , wanna bet who will win? FOR 1000EC credits put your guess on comments box. Guess right if more than one will have equal shares of EC's . My guess and I'm surely be RAFAEL NADAL  no other than  him.

Friday, May 22, 2009

DWTS ' 09 - we are the champions....

Determination of winning and to be the champion among comtemporaries with the highest goal they want to recieved is stand on the top board was paid off for these two dancers.Be passionate,giving a lot of patience, hard work and self discipline are the main tools why they deserved the title.Yes it is ,everybody are all great performers and deserving but in every games of contests there should be only one named as to be the champion of the world.

Almost one week had past but still evolves the whole world all thier videos in every performances that bring us joy and smiles to the way it should be.At the beginning and first thought to see SHAWN as an athletics figure,there are some predictions and asking why she's there.The first thought in every minds to the word dancer should be sexy and a graceful type of woman.I'm saying all of these to judge or either predicts in early part of the contest are not the right thing to do. Here it was proven that athletics and dancing has common words to say that "if you have it you must prove it".Athletic figure is not the hindrance to be a dancing champions , we saw it in every performances how they put energy on it , coordinations and the feelings of how the sounds of music relates on it.Nice performances and great messages ..hope this will brings to the whole as an inspiration especially to youth of our latest generations.

I have a little knowledge in dancing , after my graduation in college I was hired to work in one electronic company in Japan. The easiest and fastest way is to have an entry visa was to be a dancer.To make a story short I went on training ,a hard work,diet that I hates, disciplinary actions by our gay choreographers,up to the final judgement with some promoters from Japan I was FAILED to have entry visa.Words I heard was as if I'm playing basketball games.Wondering why but I'm not interested anymore.A big regrets that I wasted time in training but the challenge remains in there.After few weeks I got job in one company which is inline to what I have studied.So life must go or lose.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

TOP TEN EC DROPPERS (18April-18May ' 09)

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Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! to all EC droppers and visitors for always visiting this blog.GOOD HEALTH and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tricks are what I like in soccer games..

Watching this soccer since I worked here is so funny and amazing to me.Soccer is not popular in our country compared to basketball that most filipinos are watching in every games.Tricks seen on this videos are so great to see and keeps me smile the whole game I've watched.I did shout alone if there's a goal made by the players or what ever inside the games.I dont mind who are the players but I'm watching always if I have free time on my work.I even sharing a story of what I've watched in youtube if my family got online.They are laughing to me and my hubby always makes a jokes that "don't tell me you're going to watch sometime that soccer?", huh!! but he did when he was in Tripoli, Libya - hahahaha.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

PHOTO HUNT #8 in memory

I took this picture with my cannon camera eight months before he died.It was my first vacation working here in Israel. No one of us thought that time was the begginning of his end. He never complains at all and ever since.Three of us brothers and sisters working abroad went vacation at same time.He is the man that everybody in our place salute him even he is not military guy but the way he disciplined us is into that kind of attitudes.No one break his words or else your challenging without winning the games you choose.

NOTICE: to all members
This photo hunt will be moving to another blog of mine.Please visit sometime at
vhingFoto collection

Thank you all.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Before or since the announcement of these fight there was a lots of annoying words and critism from fans and on the otherside camp of the boxer itself.All I can say is : IT'S OKEY , WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE STANDING.I know that underdogs as they looked at every filipino around the world.I did not watched LIVE telecast of that fight,I was in the Jordan river and Galilee that morning(here in my location) and I almost forgot because I was so happy and excited that long dream tour of mine.When our groups are already in sea of Galilee for a 45 minutes boating rides,its always asked from what country we've been.WHY? The boatman brought the Philippine flag together with some caregivers tied then pull the string to sang the Philippine national anthem and I remembered it all. I closed eyes and said God please give the power to our boxer for the benifits of the pilipino people and to the whole nation.In all news and videos shown anywhere on internet , it seems like the threat of defeat as thier assurance.Why they are judging that the fight is not yet finish.So...from the PACMAN beliefs and mine too only GOD can make it happened.

After the fights the winds changed blowing its ways to new version by reading all those news and comments of all videos related on that fights.I crawl for two todays in some blogs and websites especially on YouTube.Tons of comments I read both sides have thier own words to write but only one word I could say now that need to recall. A word from our very owned boxer itself none other than MANNY PAQUIAO that everything was from GOD. He never forget to kneel down before and after his fight anywhere in the world.The first TWO words came from him any time he won was ..THANKS GOD and THANKS TO MY COUNTRYMEN and all fans around the world.If you reply back all the videos after anouncements from referee,take a look what he did first then what words he first said.Is it desame since he started to fights on the ring? Did I say right??

I did not study in this field of boxing or any games but I knew then played almost all when I was at my young age.I always and watched a lot of sports- just on tv , I'm not that kind of love in drama's.

I feel honored when one local men here greeted me about that boxing history PACMAN made again.This is what I mean here, a little relieves of some emotions we felt everyday here.I was on the bus on my way back to work when one local man asked me from where I am.Then he told me he just seen on internet the bout and he congratulate me. Nice feeling ,right? I'm just proud as I was born and grew up in one islands of THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Walking is good for our health .Players and non-players are advise to do at least 30 minutes walk everyday.This images are caregivers from Galilee walking towards the parking area where the bus waiting for them to go home.They spent 45 minutes boat ride in Noah's Ark new version boat.(sumakay kami sa bangka ni Noe)hihihi.