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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last two days there's no scheduled games to play but all Israeli's are celebrating for thier true to life winning games they ever fought and today is marked thier liberation from enemies.I called it a "war games" they fullfiled that ends in year 1948 of May 14.Yom Ha'Atzmaut as they called this day which means it is thier 61rst Independence Day ever.'s meh!.. in the dinning room.Tired of watching thier game show celebration should eat to have energy for my own games carrying my employer.No...we have kalno-it  as our service to go everywhere . Kalno-it is a kind of rechargeable 3 wheels bicycle.

Monday, April 27, 2009


TAWAS -is good protection for travelling. It leaves the skin wet or damp after washing and rub crystal over the entire armpits or foot sole. Allow to dry quickly and naturally. Reduces the itch of insect bites.It dries out acne to improve your appearance.It could be an astringent after shaving (not underarm) to close up unsightly open pores.It also removes food smells like garlic from fingers after cooking without harsh detergent.It also reduces food smells (e.g. onion) in your fridge - no need to hold your breath when opening. 

Surgical gloves - protection for dryness of hands and skin
when applying tawas and foot cream or any other chemical substances.

Foot cream - protect your foot from sweating to form odors  , apply little amount of foot cream before wearing socks.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This blog recieved an award from one co-blogger living and a resident of PAKISTAN. Named A.M.I.N.A. in blogosphere with her blog called It's my Life- a blog cycle to her life in Pakistan as she married local guy with thier kids  living there . Thank you very much , hope you always updates your blog so we can hear some stories around your location.We want to know more about thier costumes and tradition, etc. Thanks also for your time for sending some messages and hoping to catch you sometime online. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This video was the goals and game analysis during last two nights games between Arsenal and Liverpool.As you know that Yossi Benayoun was an Israeli born superstar of this kind of game.I just saw him on the newspaper and on tv shows of how he looks,not that kind of bulky to be a winner but little skinny but have strong determination in winning every games. Almost until today he was on all newspapers and tv sports talk show all over the country of his another heroic performance at Anfield.Once there is schedule for his game everybody here watching for there pride and flag bearer Binayoun.Even I'm just a worker I also love watching and excited of games played of Israeli players.Funny but that was the nature here and everybody love soccer unlike in the Philippines that we are just watching basketball games.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I took this picture in front of tourist area's post office Natanya. Many times that I saw her in this place  everytime I went to post office to send money for my children.It's always with her bag in purple color and with a big choker bracelets on her right hand.Sometimes with hairclips also as same color purple and even her finger nail polish, you see that???.I dont know who she is .It just caught my eyes because I like the color and style of her bag.I never noticed her

Saturday, April 18, 2009

TOP TEN EC DROPPERS (19march-19april2009)

My Ark Full of Worry-Free Thoughts.... 25
Chuchie's Hideaway ....................24
Serian Man ............................22
Free Callers Blog..................... 22
MyLifeStory........................... 20
Grampy and You!....................... 20
Journeys and Adventures............... 17
Sports Addict!........................ 17
Enjoy Work As Leisure................. 16
Reality TV Soup....................... 16


Thursday, April 16, 2009


 My Life Story by JACKY is the one who gave me this award.She's so nice to me everytime she had she's always remember me.Thank you again sissy and kept up the good works.Regards to all outhere.
It's made specially for all the blogs spreading kawaii-ness!!Kawaii-ness is all about loving all things kawaii, being kawaii ourself and definitely being able to add kawaii-ness in everything, its all in our creativity!!- Good.GirlThe simple rules that go with it are:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her kawaii blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate all the blogs that you think deserve this award (*kawaii of course!*).
4. Put the links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated!

Everybody was so busy this I'm keeping this for the meantime.I'll be passing this soon.



This is the basketball player that I'll never forget until my last breath.My husband was an avid fan since he landed in the Philippines way back 1991. I was pregnant at that time when hubby don't mind my demand if there was a game. He used to answer me always that Norman Black in today's game.Without my knowledge he planned to have name after this player of our incoming  baby if it is a boy.So he was very frustrated when my eldest daughter came out. No words, no blames but I felt that way. After five years we made again another one  , he's prayer's was answered this time  and there's no other names just NORMAN that came from Norman Black- the PBA player.

We filipinos are not just familiar but idolized this former player in high school basketball of Cardinal Gibbons School in Baltimore where he graduated in 1975. He then played for Saint Joseph's College in Pennsylvania from 1975-1979, averaging 17 points per game in his playing career.He also played in Continental Basketball Association from 1978-1982 for the Lancaster Red Roses and the Philadelphia Kings.He also played for the Detroit Pistons in the National Basketball Association, but played only three games in the 1980-81 season, averaging 2.7 points per game.

Black made a legendary name in terms of sports in the Philippines from an import forward to coaching and even TV anchor commentator, guest english analyst of a certain games, advertisements as product indorser until year 2007. He was seen every Sunday on the halftime segment "Black's Board" where he dished out the week's highlights around the league and Philippine basketball as well. Checked WIKIPEDIA for more on this stories. A short clips of his bio-data below:

Norman Black - Forward 

Born: November 12, 1957 
Baltimore, Maryland 
Nationality American 
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m) 
Weight 185 lb (83.9 kg) 
League National Basketball Association, Philippine Basketball Association 
High school Cardinal Gibbons School 
College Saint Joseph's College 
Draft 58th overall 
Pro career 1980–1997 
Former teams Lancaster Red Roses
Philadelphia Kings
Detroit Pistons 1980-1981
Tefilin 1981
San Miguel Beermen 1982, 1989
Great Taste Coffee Makers 1983
Magnolia Quench Plus 1985
Pop Cola 800s 1997 

Monday, April 13, 2009

wanna ride??


Your Blog Is The Best Award

I recieved another award from Meryl (proud pinay) of PLACES, PEOPLE, EVENTS, GOOD FOOD AND MY LIFE, my new found friend in blogosphere. Image meaning was they are giving me the RATE 10 as the BEST blog.  I'm so speechless but thankful for all of them coz I did a lot of efforts creating this blog.Its my inspiration always that there's somebody outhere commenting and I really, really appreciate it deeply from my heart. 

Now, I will share this to: (names later).........Feel free to grab this award.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I'm happy to announce to you all guys outhere that this blog was also approve by BLOGSVERTISE BLOG ADVERTISING.First they said that is only probationary due to some limited post or not updated.But now I saw on manage blogs it was already approved since I indorsed my blog title. Thank you again and it will helps a lot to boost these to all members and to all advertisers outhere.I decide to joined in this advertising to earn more so that I spend it to improve my blogs.

So...there's a lot of ADS SPACES to advertise on this blog.To those who want to join in this advertising just HIT my widgets on the right sidebar. I saw that this network was working good so no hesitation for me to join and INVITE EVERYONE to COME and SIGN UP to have the proof of what I'm talking about.


I did not catch up the 1/2 day work in post office this afternoon located at the tourist center Ntanya because they still on holidays.So I walked,walked around then I felt tired that I sat down the wooden bench in streets of Smilansky corner Hertzel.There are medicals staffs from one company distributing some flyers for thier promotional discount services.Without thinking that in front of me was a metal craft with a triangular form that means there is story behind this point so they marked it. Something like a monument from thier history that was happened there.When one friend passed by asked why I am looking that metal.Then suddenly I saw a triangle that I need to join in photo hunting this week.When those medical staffs saw me holding camera they run and gave their sweetest smiles and posed.This is the best adjectives that I can say here, locals are not afraid with cameras and they are friendly people.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Happy Easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

"THE REV" for Hapoel Jerusalem

ISRAEL's holy city of Jerusalem was a dream of peoples in all walks of life to visits, christians and non-christians wants to step on the holy place anytime of thier lives.To one NBA player and not just a christian but a preacher that his Lord was sent him here not just to play but also a mission to fulfilled.I have seen some games of former chicago bulls player on his screen name "THE REV" and he is now playing and has contract with Hapoel Jerusalem. Let's see how he will play in almost fans are not fully like it.Here is the story of JOSHUA HAHN written in Jerusalem Post when they interviewed him last friday.

Roger Powell Jr , a devout Christian, has served as a preacher in his home state of Illinois.He also heads the Roger Powell Jr. Ministries summer camps, which he runs in Illinois with the aim of developing leadership skills in young athletes through basketball training and Bible studies.

Prior to moving to Israel he was working toward advanced degrees in theology through his church's college, the International College of Excellence. 

But to Hapoel fans and teammates alike, Powell is the basketball pro par excellence, though with a nod to his off-court pursuits, he goes by the nickname, "The Rev." 

"Everybody has been so warm and welcoming. I look on this opportunity to be playing here as a blessing,"
says Powell, a 26-year-old forward who, in his first season with Hapoel, has helped the Jerusalem team to cement itself into second place in the BSL, averaging 10.1 ppg in 17.7 minutes so far this season. 

Just a few months ago, Powell was out of a job. He wa
s released by the NBA's Chicago Bulls which he had joined in October 2008 but failed to make the final roster. However, he had absolutely no intention of hanging up his sneakers. 

When he was offered a contract in Jerusalem, he jumped at the chance. It wasn't the NBA, true, but to
play in Israel's top league, and what's more in Jerusalem, seemed to hold out all sorts of promise. 

Powell stresses that he was attracted to basketball in Israel for many of the same reasons that attract other foreign athletes: The pay is relatively high, Israeli fans are dedicated and energetic, the competition is exceptional and English is widely spoken and understood all over the country. 

In fact, he has found that the training, coaching and play are of a relatively high level. 

Still, to uproot oneself and relocate to a country with a very different lifestyle is always a challenge. And all the more so when the country you're going to often has such a negative image abroad

For The Rev and his wife Terra, soon after arriving here any doubts were dismissed. 

The transition to living and playing basketball in Israel has been "extremely smooth - the smoothest of all our transitions" since back in 2005, when Powell graduated from the University of Illinois. 

That's partly because he's familiar with Jewish culture, traditions and holidays. From adolescence to his time in college, Powell has always had Jewish friends. Many of these friends put him in contact with their families and friends living in Israel. 

And true to Israeli hospitality, many have
entertained Powell and his wife at their homes for Shabbat dinner. 

The Powells' stay in Jerusalem also provides plenty of spare time to further develop their true passion - community activism. 

Terra, who helps administer the Roger Powell Jr. Ministries, is busy developing programs for the foundation. 

As a graphic designer, she is also helping to build a Web site and program for the Powells' newest endeavor, Integrity Sports. 

While the Roger Powell Jr. Ministries selects athletes to participate in the summer leadership camp, Integrity Sports will be open to all young athletes looking to develop leadership and life skills. 

It is this extraordinary synergy of a man of God in the city of God that has made Powell's experience with Hapoel Jerusalem all the more fulfilling. 

He calls it an experience that has "helped him grow as a human being" and will, he believes, add much in preparing him for the responsibilities of becoming an ordained minister in the future. 

As Jerusalem is the birthplace of the three major religions, Powell says, "Living in Jerusalem - the focus of three monotheistic religions - has provided me with an overall picture of faith." 
Powell has found that his forays into the city and its holy sites has brought the Bible to life for him. 

You may come, he says, to this magical city for a certain reason, "but you're liable to come away with something completely different altogether, excitingly different.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Captured Tag

Rechie passed this tag to me last march 31- sorry for late posting, been busy last week's preparation for holiday.You can read this post at Chie's Three Trends blog. She always share tag with me everytime she receives one. Thank you so much Chie again for this tag.

} Start Copy
" A good Snapshot stops a moment from running away."

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! ~Ted Grant

} End of Copy
This picture was taken few years back during christmas time when we visited the nativity church in Bethlehem.We came there earlier to avoid a flooded crowds from different parts of the world visiting where Jesus was born.It is now under the vicinity and govern by Palentinians authorities.No strict inspections or question to all caregivers when we pass through the border.

Here is the rule in doing the Tag:
Copy the quotes above from start copy to end Copy.
Replace the Photograph with your own or your loves ones' Black and White captured moments that you want to cherish for the rest of your life.

I would like to share this tag to Amina,Sudha,Cacai,Meryl-------additional names later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night's laila zeder (dinner celebration) was lucky for me to have pictures and talk to MR.RON SIVLEN, a chief TRAINING COACH of HAPO-EL TEL AVIV, one of prestigious soccer team in ISRAEL.In the picture was his mother JUDITH- a best friend of my employer and sitting beside was his daughter.He was born and grown up here in my work place - MISHMAR HASHARON.Since his young age he played soccer and becoming a passionate of this game.One of his dream is to become one important man of any team has come true.He finished study and specialising the sports at Wingate University.Below are some facts that one could qualify and has quality of becoming coach of soccer game.Mostly sports fans are knew the coach on actual scene but another man behind the team are not so popular like  a team manager. 

Becoming a soccer coach or trainer takes patience as well as knowledge. He  must be willing to communicate openly in a friendly environment.Coaching soccer is not easy while in the mean time coaching can be very rewarding. He  will develop inter-personal and intra-personal skills.
Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. Coach or manager is an individual involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a sports team or of individual sportspeople. This type of coach gets involved in all the aspects of the sports of any games.He is a person who observes, gives objective feedback, teaches, helps to develop a plan of action and holds another responsible for their actions and commitments. The coach will use special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist the coachee in bringing his/her behavioral changes about the game.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Thursday, April 2, 2009

ISRAEL'S dream to WORLD CUP will not come true

Last night game watched was so exciting and I am on the team of Israel of course or where else, lol.Back in the Phillipines I'm an avid fan of basketball ,it changed me when I'm already here abroad that most viewed of all ages was this kind of game.Israel's Yossi Benayoun a super star in "kadoregel" (football) was not playing because he was sick and injured during previous matched.

Scored 2-1
against the Greeks last Wednesday night loss now leaves the national team with an almost impossible task to progress to the World Cup.About 40 years of dreaming to have qualifying slot on the world cup but this time goes to nothing.The coach was so disappointed in some performance and the abilities of the players as he said in an interview but still proud that they controlled the game.

In the 11th minute, the Israeli defense failed to clear Giorgos Karagounis's free kick and was very fortunate that defender Sotirios Kyrgiakos squandered a superb opportunity, blasting a free shot from the center of the box high above Dudu Aoute's goal.

Greece's victory was never under any doubt after that and Israel will likely have to wait at least another four years until it returns to play in the World Cup for the first time since 1970.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Thank you EC droppers and my one way of appreciating your presence here on my otherside of my life will be the appearance of your logo on sidebar.It will show like an ads for one month until the next statistics will come out. I'm working on it now so expect that on few hours.

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bday bash contest

MOMGEN of WONDERFUL THINGS in LIFE  created another blog contest again.Every one is free to join, just think that might be YOU the next winner of all those fabulous prizes written below. I am one of the sponsor of this contest and  same time I can  have my entry too.The  third(3rd) prize winner will appear thier blog logo of about one(1) month on this blog.So...come on down join us with joy and fun.Look at the list of prizes and its sponsor below:

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