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Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 2009 boxing polls

23 different fighters that presented by 10 world best boxing promoter conduct the boxing polls.It was participated by 30 boxing sports writers and one was my favorite writer - Kevin lole.This article was written last February 12, 2009. Here are the top TEN list started from the highest points down.

Top Rank - 91 points:
Led by undisputed No. 1 Manny Pacquiao, it had three fighters in the top 10 and eight fighters receive at least one vote.

Yahoo! Sports top 10 for February 2009 polls:

1. Manny Pacquiao
Points: 300 (30 of 30 first-place votes)
Record: 48-3-2 (37 KOs)
Title: WBC lightweight champion
Last outing: TKO8 over Oscar De La Hoya on Dec. 6Previous
ranking: 1Up
next fight: May 2 in Las Vegas vs. Ricky Hatton for super lightweight title
Analysis: Overall game has improved dramatically in last two years

2. Juan Manuel Marquez
Points: 261
Record: 49-4-1 (35 KOs)
Title: Ring lightweight champion
Last outing: TKO11 over Joel Casamayor on Sept. 13
Previous ranking: 3Up
next: Feb. 28 in Houston vs. Juan Diaz
Analysis: Desperate for another crack at Pacquiao

3. Israel Vazquez
Points: 205
Record: 43-4 (31 KOs)
Title: WBC and Ring super bantamweight champion
Last outing: W12 over No. 7 Rafael Marquez on March 1
Previous ranking: 4Up next: TBA
Analysis: Hopeful he can return to action from eye surgery by June

4. Bernard HopkinsPoints: 197 ½
Record: 49-5 (32 KOs)
Title: None
Last outing: W12 over Kelly Pavlik on Oct. 18
Previous ranking: 5Up
next: TBA
Analysis: Joe Calzaghe’s retirement makes Hopkins’ more likely

5. Shane Mosley
Points: 131
Record: 46-5 (39 KOs)
Title: WBA welterweight champion
Last outing: TKO9 over Antonio Margarito on Jan. 24
Previous ranking: NRUp
next: TBA
Analysis: Looked like the Mosley of 2000 in dominating victory

6. Rafael Marquez
Points: 123
Record: 37-5 (33 KOs)
Title: None
Last outing: L12 to No. 4 Israel Vazquez on March 1
Previous ranking: 7
Up next: TBA
Analysis: Hasn’t won in nearly two years, but still moves up in rankings

7. Paul Williams
Points: 108
Record: 36-1 (27 KOs)
Title: Interim WBO junior middleweight champion
Last outing: TKO8 over Verno Phillips on Nov. 29
Previous ranking: 8Up
next: April 11 in Las Vegas vs. Winky Wright
Analysis: Is fighting at middleweight but considers himself a welterweight

8. Miguel Cotto
Points: 84
Record: 32-1 (26 KOs)
Title: None
Last outing: TKO by 11 to Antonio Margarito on July 26
Previous ranking: 9Up
next: Feb. 21 in New York against Michael Jennings
Analysis: Legitimacy of only loss now in question after Margarito hand wrap controversy

9. Ivan Calderon
Points: 60Record: 32-0 (6 KOs)
Title: WBO light flyweight champion
Last outing: TD7 over Hugo Cazares on Aug. 30
Previous ranking: 10Up
next: TBA
Analysis: Quickest fighter in lower weights

10. Vic Darchinyan
Points: 52
Record: 32-1-1 (26 KOs)
Title: WBA, WBC, IBF super flyweight champion
Last outing: TKO11 over Jorge Arce on Feb. 7
Previous ranking: NRUp
next: TBA
Analysis: Powerful southpaw hoping to hold titles in three weight classes in 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SHAHAR PEER as a player and -why also me ?

She is a young lady, a tennis player of Israel that I admired most.She will turn 22 years old this coming May 2009. To her young age she's already bringing home more than a million bucks from her playing career. With the height of 5"7" and weighing 60 kilos she's very sexy to my eyesight.According to wikipedia she just turned pro last year 2004 with an asset playing right, two-handed backhand comparing to mostly peoples here are left-handed humans. Tennis world rank she earned was #15 and that was recorded last January 29,2007.

Last week a short news on tv saying she was rejected to play in DUBAI. It did not bothered or surprised me anymore. She is an Israeli.But what about me? I have a first experienced of this word REJECTING.In my SURVIVOR blog there is called EC dropping, a kind of boosts to co-bloggers around the world and in same time adding traffic rank to its blogs. While I'm looking to some blogs to advert my logo , it was last few days ago, I try to advert to one blog which is blog author ,owner was in Dubai. I don't have anything on my mind about it at this moment because I'm only a caregiver here , a filipino citizen that I knew all filipinos has a good time living in that place and mostly are my friends and relatives.In my surprise , the next day I received an email that my request was REJECTED. First word came out to my mind now was WHY? and ALSO ME!!? then laugh.If Dubai will offer same salary here and good treatment like we have here today , I might apply soon if still my age will allow to work in that place. It is very nice and world wonder place that everybody are dreaming to work there sometimes.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


WBA - Nikolay Valuev 50-1(34)
WBC - Vitali Klitschko 36-2(35)
IBF - Wladimir Klitschko 52-3 (46)

02.CRUISERWEIGHT (190 pounds)
.....Guillermo Jones 36-3-2(28)
.....Giacobbe Fragmeni 26-1(11)
.....Tomasz Adamek 36-1 (24)

03.LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT (175 pounds)
......Hugo Hernan Garay 31-3(17)
......Adrian Diaconu 25-0(15)
.......Chad Dawson 27-0 (17)

04.SUPER MIDDLEWEIGHT (168 pounds)
.......Mikkel Kessler 41-1 (31)
.......Carl Froch 24-0 (19)
....... Lucian Bute 23-0 (18)

05.MIDDLEWEIGHT (160 pounds)
......Felix Sturm 31-2-1(13)
...... Kelly Pavlik 35-1 (31)
.......Arthur Abraham 28-0 (23)

.......Daniel Santos 32-31-1 (23)
.......(B) Vernon Forrest 41-3(29)
.......Verno Phillips 42-10-1 (21)

07.WELTERWEIGHT (147 pounds)
......(C) Yuriy Nuzhnenko 28-0-1(13)
......Andre Berto 24-0(19)
......JoshuaClottey 35-2 (20)

08.SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT (140 pounds)
......Andreas Kotelnik 31-2-1(13)
......Timothy Bradley 23-0(11)
.......Juan Urango 21-1-1 (16)

09.LIGHTWEIGHT *(135 pounds)
......Paulus Mosses 24-0-0(17)
......(D) Manny Pacquiao 48-3-2(36)

10.JUNIOR LIGHTWEIGHT (130 pounds)
..... Jorge Linares 26-0-0(17)
......Humberto Soto 46-7-2(29)
...... Cassius Baloyi 36-3-1 (19)

11.FEATHERWEIGHT (126 pounds)
.....Chris John 42-0-1(22)
.....Oscar Larios 63-6-1(39)
......Cristobal Cruz 38-11-1 (23)

12.JR FEATHERWEIGHT (122 pounds)
.......(E) Celestino Caballero 31-2(22)
.......Toshiaki Nishioka 33-4-3 (20)
.......Celetino Caballero 31-2 (22)

13.BANTAMWEIGHT (118 pounds)
.....Anselmo Moreno 24-1-1(8)
.....Hozumi Hasegawa 25-2(9)
.....Joseph Agbeko 26-1 (22)

14.JR BANTAMWEIGHT (115 pounds)
......Nobuo Nashiro 12-1(7)
......(E) Vic Darchinyan 31-1-1-(25)
......Vic Darchinyan 32-1-1-(26)

15.FLYWEIGHT (112 pounds)
.....Denkaosan Kaovichit 46-1-1 (20)
.....Daisuke Naito 34-2-3 (22)
.....Nonito Donaire 20-1 (13)

16.JUNIOR FLYWEIGHT (108pounds) Ulises
......(G) Brahim Asloum 23-2 (9)
......Edgar Sosa 34-5 (18)
......Ulises Solis 28-1-2 (20)
17.MINIMUMWEIGHT (105 pounds) (H) Oleydong Raul
......Roman Gonzalez 21-0(19)
......(H) Oleydong Sithsamerchai 29-0(12)
.......Raul Garcia 25-0-1 (15)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


A touching image I saw this morning after I opened the yahoo news. It was Tiger woods and his son on the headlines. A very nice images!.I am an avid fan of this man even I don't play golf . I used to watched every tournament they had, just on tv.And here comes the next in line to the throne as the king of golfers around the world. Behind his career he has time to hold his son and show it to the world.A proud father and lucky son that everybody watched wherever they go.

Thursday, February 12, 2009



Sunday, February 8, 2009

coconut in receiving room

I was born and grown up surrounded by coconut trees and now working here abroad in a country of which don't have or cannot plant a coconut trees. Yesterday I went to my friends place where she was working but they are waiting me outside because we are invited to a breakfast to the next building. I saw this interesting thing the moment we sat down in receiving room. Imagine the smallest size of coconut they displayed in their receiving room.A great smile on my mind and memories re-winded that when coconut harvest season during my early age we used it as a ball if we are playing in a nearby riverside.But here abroad is like a flower on the center table together with all those fruits offered to all guest coming in.I saw a lot of families proud of having coconut like this in their home .They are eating this like a special fruits but in our place we are not eating that ways, I mean we used it for cooking or any other usage .On the way to tourist center in NATANYA you can see a rolling store having most of smaller sizes and people eating it while walking around the area as if they are eating chocolates.Last year also I brought a jumbo size of coconut shell for a present to my employer's children.Something like a flower vase or you can make it as a glass of any liquid or we called it "hungot". When we checked by custom personnel at Bin Gurion airport , they supposed not allowed me to bring it in , they thought I'm from other Asian countries not Filipino caregiver.When they used to hold it accidentally my wet undies that I used to changed and washed during a stop over flight in Singapore falls down.he-he-he-he sorry not intended to do it and I'm not expecting it.Then they told me ..okay.. go!go!Go!...and we laughed together with me on flight was 6 more Filipino's.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

IT'S ME......

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog
HA!....WHAT DO THE STARS SAID? ...Sorry I'm not happy in KISSING , I'm just wanna BITES!!! 100% venom free.

Friday, February 6, 2009

year 2009 for RAFAEL NADAL

This year start with Rafael Nadal beating Roger Federer in Australian Open.This is the first ever win of Rafael Nadal and also the first Spaniard player win the Australian open .They are both my favorites but there's should be one winner in every game.A very nice image after they received their trophies but the first part was sad they both cried.It was a tears of joy for Nadal and in contrary to Federer's feeling of losing the games. The game match was more than 4 hours fighting in clay court. A very star studded fight that the whole world watched.They both showed their cleverness in the games and gave their excellent tactics that the crowds satisfied and happy to witness them live in court.