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Friday, May 22, 2009

DWTS ' 09 - we are the champions....

Determination of winning and to be the champion among comtemporaries with the highest goal they want to recieved is stand on the top board was paid off for these two dancers.Be passionate,giving a lot of patience, hard work and self discipline are the main tools why they deserved the title.Yes it is ,everybody are all great performers and deserving but in every games of contests there should be only one named as to be the champion of the world.

Almost one week had past but still evolves the whole world all thier videos in every performances that bring us joy and smiles to the way it should be.At the beginning and first thought to see SHAWN as an athletics figure,there are some predictions and asking why she's there.The first thought in every minds to the word dancer should be sexy and a graceful type of woman.I'm saying all of these to judge or either predicts in early part of the contest are not the right thing to do. Here it was proven that athletics and dancing has common words to say that "if you have it you must prove it".Athletic figure is not the hindrance to be a dancing champions , we saw it in every performances how they put energy on it , coordinations and the feelings of how the sounds of music relates on it.Nice performances and great messages ..hope this will brings to the whole as an inspiration especially to youth of our latest generations.

I have a little knowledge in dancing , after my graduation in college I was hired to work in one electronic company in Japan. The easiest and fastest way is to have an entry visa was to be a dancer.To make a story short I went on training ,a hard work,diet that I hates, disciplinary actions by our gay choreographers,up to the final judgement with some promoters from Japan I was FAILED to have entry visa.Words I heard was as if I'm playing basketball games.Wondering why but I'm not interested anymore.A big regrets that I wasted time in training but the challenge remains in there.After few weeks I got job in one company which is inline to what I have studied.So life must go or lose.


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