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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Let us looked backed the day when MJ performed in most popular sports Superbowl in one of the biggest stadium and what he contributes to all children all over the world.Sharing and giving the message of the good ideas to "heal the world" by joining hands to hundreds of children's on stage. Imagine the Staples center arena yesterday of the farewell tribute to MJ and this stadium where he performed few years backed?. He brings all peoples in all walks of life to show the world and to unite until he's last hour on earth.

I know most of readers here saying " what is the connection of this sports video to the death of pop icon MJ?".And please don't be annoyed if some are still talking about MJ.They have common purpose for the world of sports and the life of MJ. First the "charities " that he gave and shared to all children's that needed help.In all of his hard work on stage performances he always shared what he had. Hope everybody here read the news what are included in the list of beneficiaries about MJ's $500M assets. Did you see there in the list written the last word "charities"?. Secondly to the sporting world , every amount earned in every sports events the proceeds goes to "charities " and one main reason why forming the sports show. And lastly, all champions on all kinds of sports has started as a young children until they become an icon like MJ and all world champions in every games of the world of sports begins at their young ages. Am I right saying that all good things we need to remember from MJ?

I'm a ghost believers, I saw my eldest brother days after funeral .I did feel something what will happened to one members of our family before 48 hours that my father died but I was not sure then that he was. Ghost chooses peoples whom they wanted to show up and it has messages they wanted to tell or to let someone remembers. If this video above will show to those peoples behind this high tech world , surely they will say "it is ghosts".Coloring the audiences with that laser stick on MJ's hands and take note that all peoples sitting down there are not children's,right?.It is called high tech in recent civilization but to those behind the dark clouds they called it "ghosts".

1 comments: July 8, 2009 at 2:57 PM  

Hello Tita Vhing.. I have an entry of this too in my Music Monday, I love it! superbowl is just near in a place where I live now--it's a nearby city but haven't gone in there yet just a live in tv but it's okey because it's too crowded in there.. anyway, it's long already.. hehe.. so much for this chitchat.. muahhh! tc always there.. hugs!