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Friday, August 21, 2009

50k world walk race in Berlin 2009

(Photo from THOMAS LOHNES/AFP/Getty Images)
Sergey Kirdyapkin from Russia wins the walkathon race in Berlin last half hour ago. Recorded time was 3.38:35 as the world champion of 2009 walk race. Reaching the finishing line with face not looks good and collapses after seconds that the medical team catches him before he touches the ground but later let him kissed the ground for his thanks giving words maybe.Next to him was from Norway, Trond Nymark with the time recorded to 3.40.76 something . I've missed it because timer clock was still going on.Then the third placer from Spain, Jesus Angel Garcia behind the two with time record of 3.41.37 (not sure for this last two digits).Some finishes with happy faces but there are some that collapses after stepping the finishing line. So sexy looking at them in that kind of race. They have the oldest participants on his age of about 39 years old . He finished maybe 15th/18th place or more not exact sure .

Maybe I need to join this kind of sports so that all fats that I've been stored for how many years will all throw it out and let the wind blows it all far away from me .lol. The question is "can I imagine how? and how about the ages limit? hahaha.It's too late maybe.