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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bekele's 4th straight wins on 10,000m

Yesterday's live telecast on the events at Olympic Stadium in Berlin with time record of 26:17.54 on track and field was Bekele's fourth straight wins , he is an Ethiopian athlete. Last year in Olympic was also amazing performance by Bekele with time recorded of 26:25.97 in Beijing. In Zurich world record garnering time of 26:17.8 but yesterday performance was the latest world record ever written .He has still a lot of energy after hearing the bell ring that make him alarm to increase his speed until the end of the run. Amazing! How could I imagine now that I am suffering sprain and any disturbances on my legs down to foot that I was just run in my early age in 1500m without any wins , hahaha. I'm wondering what kind of legs and feet that Bekele has and also what he ate why he had that energy , I am just wondering to those lucky gifted one's.