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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Before or since the announcement of these fight there was a lots of annoying words and critism from fans and on the otherside camp of the boxer itself.All I can say is : IT'S OKEY , WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE STANDING.I know that underdogs as they looked at every filipino around the world.I did not watched LIVE telecast of that fight,I was in the Jordan river and Galilee that morning(here in my location) and I almost forgot because I was so happy and excited that long dream tour of mine.When our groups are already in sea of Galilee for a 45 minutes boating rides,its always asked from what country we've been.WHY? The boatman brought the Philippine flag together with some caregivers tied then pull the string to sang the Philippine national anthem and I remembered it all. I closed eyes and said God please give the power to our boxer for the benifits of the pilipino people and to the whole nation.In all news and videos shown anywhere on internet , it seems like the threat of defeat as thier assurance.Why they are judging that the fight is not yet finish.So...from the PACMAN beliefs and mine too only GOD can make it happened.

After the fights the winds changed blowing its ways to new version by reading all those news and comments of all videos related on that fights.I crawl for two todays in some blogs and websites especially on YouTube.Tons of comments I read both sides have thier own words to write but only one word I could say now that need to recall. A word from our very owned boxer itself none other than MANNY PAQUIAO that everything was from GOD. He never forget to kneel down before and after his fight anywhere in the world.The first TWO words came from him any time he won was ..THANKS GOD and THANKS TO MY COUNTRYMEN and all fans around the world.If you reply back all the videos after anouncements from referee,take a look what he did first then what words he first said.Is it desame since he started to fights on the ring? Did I say right??

I did not study in this field of boxing or any games but I knew then played almost all when I was at my young age.I always and watched a lot of sports- just on tv , I'm not that kind of love in drama's.

I feel honored when one local men here greeted me about that boxing history PACMAN made again.This is what I mean here, a little relieves of some emotions we felt everyday here.I was on the bus on my way back to work when one local man asked me from where I am.Then he told me he just seen on internet the bout and he congratulate me. Nice feeling ,right? I'm just proud as I was born and grew up in one islands of THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES.



Meryl (proud pinay) May 6, 2009 at 1:20 PM  

congrats to pacman. i'm proud to be pinoy ^_^

momgen May 9, 2009 at 7:41 AM  

am proud too.

Hi! I'm Grace May 10, 2009 at 6:04 PM  

Sa YouTube ko lang nakita ang away. Thrilled nga ako ng sinabi ng friend ko sa Pinas na 2nd round lang daw ang away at panalo si Manny. Amazing talaga si Manny.
Mabuhay ang Pilipino! He helped us improved and increased the reputation of the Filipinos.