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Friday, June 5, 2009

Soldering will meet Federer on final

The ball is round that the low seeds have chances to defeat those in the worlds highest ranks in tennis sports history. Peoples in all walks of life could tell now that its FEDERER this time after NADAL was defeated . But the worlds number one was defeated by whom Federer will meet on court this coming final game at Roland Garros in French open.Oh..its impossible, some others say but it was happened that Soldering made to brake the records of Nadal in clay court history. And some other say that Soldering has just one luck but cannot defeat FEDERER..Exciting game will see on final and I myself cannot say now who will be the  next champion for 2009 Roland Garros. Do you remember those  court meetings of NADAL and FEDERER in Australian open? Why FEDERER so emotional during the awarding of trophy because everybody and he himself expected it to won the game.So, today I will not have any expcetations to avoid hurt aches, right. You see how Federer cry for how many times he losses to low seeds or to NADAL. Curiosity mind I have and to see those strongest man that I idiolized ever since have seen publicly crying, I'm cryin' too. I totally feel it like me before when I was playing in the university , I'm not crying publicly but if I'm alone in the room its hard to accept of what was happened.

So lets wait for tommorows clay court meeting. Can the low seeds ivolves this time or the former champion will recover all his defeats way back three years ago.

And here I was defeated also and lose 1000EC, hahahaha. Any guess outhere? As of now the previous guessing is closed. Anybody have given the answers from previous post , remind me please.


Carnation June 7, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

federer and kuznetsova won!!!!