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Sunday, June 7, 2009


YES!YES! the former world number one made it again to hold and have an additional trophies on his soon to be museum.But how about if this attacker had rough around the neck of FEDERER of that scarp or hat? It's too late that the security came to rescue him.A shocking scene to think if something deeper had happened.Questions to think was "is it a fan or a bad man? Why they don't respect the games itself and not the performers.tsk..tsk..crazy creatures are everywhere ,too scary.But we all know FEDERER , how determined he was to win the game again and the attacked did not ruined him. I'm sure the one that nervous and frightened was the wife of FEDERER.

In awarding momments we saw again the smile and tears but it was the tears of joy not the tears of defeat this time. The great speech that always made by FEDERER is to congratulate his oppopnent on court that most fans wanted to be. Sportmanship in every game always seen at the end of each game . How they re-act by looking at thier facial expressions taken by photographers and the sponsored channels has given respect by all viewers.Moral values if you are a player was no hatred attitudes after the games and this is what the sports game means.

Another important matter I saw was the presence of the legendary man on tennis court none other than MR. ANDREI AGASSI.It's FEDERER's inspiration and wanted to follow (maybe) his footsteps on how this biggest name in court was played before.I was at my young age when I was inspired to be one like AGASSI but I did not exist. Funny to tell that until now I'm still dreaming to be or at least soon on my grandchildren to be . lol.