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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Demetieva VS S.Williams

Just finished watching live telecast of Wimbledon summer tennis '09. Scoring 6-7-8 in favor win of S. Williams defeating E. Demetieva on her score of 7-5-6. Almost three hours in dry tennis court that both of them looks dehydrated, no sweating . S. Williams had a hard time for the last two sets but gaving and working her best serving killer assets on center court , it worth a lot to be on next round.Had five consecutive served in the speed of about 99mph but Demetieva didnt hit the ball.Great job!Crowds are favored with Demetieva I think, no big claps for Williams points mostly I saw and heard. Less aggresive actions this time and little tricks on court.

Let us see sister V.Williams if she could make it again. What!? I'm thinking a bit wierd now . Might Williams sisters again!? on the final . Ohhh...I want another actions to see. lol. They are both amazing and working hard to reach thier goals but I want another champion 2009 in Wimbledon. Give others a chance to be there on the top.