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Thursday, July 2, 2009's WILLIAMS sisters !

See that?...I'm thinking weird and true, lol .I can not see now another faces on actions for the next round. In just less than one hour the game is over. 6-1,6-0 on score board in favor to V.Williams additional winning record. Safina overpowering the games that turns to frustrations. A very aggressive hit since the game was started.Seems no control of hitting the ball or she's just over excited, I don't know even, lol.

Any reactions on my guessing power? lol.Go back to my last post Demetieva vs S.Williams so that you read my word just an hour ago.

So ..maybe more excitements on men's games as always. Hellooo.... we're still on the Wimbledon summer tennis championships.Hope I can own a tv set soon to have complete "live" views. I'm just lucky now that no one interested on seeing news started 5 pm . lol.

1 comments: July 2, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

heheheh.. hope na minsan lang o kaya wla always gumamit nang tv dyan Tita Vhing para as you like--turn on ka lang agad.. muahh!

Anyway, have fun watching sports Tita Vhing.. heading on now to your other post. hugs!

Cacai M.
Cacai's Step and Journey