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Monday, July 20, 2009

Israel's HOPE for 2012 Olympics

Track and field committee eyed one young pure Ethiopian immigrant to be their man to bring home a gold medal on 2012 Olympics. Ymar Getahon at age 16 breaks the Israel's record in 800 m run. Last week's Maccabiach games beating all his competitors in 1,500m run breaking the records of 1979. This week he will compete the 3,000 meter events in Finland for European Youth Games .From now on he will represents Israel not Ethiopia as the flag bearer world wide in track and field category.

"I came to Israel in 1999 to compete the 42km run in Tiberias Marathon representing Ethiopia and I was the first placer on that events" recalled Getahon.

He entered the country at age 10 but not all family members granted and live with him . He is not happy for the situation even he won a lot of medals if he remembered his sister and brothers they left behind in Ethiopia living alone.Read more in Jerusalem Post how his life being an athlete and during the process of his residency in Israel . It is not that easy like other country to be fully legalized here.