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Thursday, July 23, 2009

my remedies on leg&foot numbness/sprain

**Jogging and walking barefoot in the sand during sunny days on the nearby shoreline helps relieved numbness and cure sprain on my legs and feet.**Sometimes I brought sea water to my work and mixed it to warm water in small basin then soak deep in my feet until the mixed water(sea-warm regular) becomes cold.**Sitting in the beach to sea water edge or where sea waves rolling at shoreline and let your legs work by pushing sands back and fort as much as you can. **Do not walk inside the house barefooted because the cold temperature of concrete floors get inside faster that none of us don't agree on it while we feel good when walking barefooted.****This is all what I'm doing now here abroad after I stopped walking every morning or not going regularly to shoreline for almost four years now due to kind of work I have.

I was a very active in sport activities during my high school life. I used to walked early morning going to school and going back home every afternoon of more than thirty kilometer back and fort.School activities aside from walking and jogging I played basketball, softball, running , etc. During my colleges days I'm working at the same time and usually have a long walked going to work and in school . I always run up the seventh floor of the university to catched up my first subject from my work place. After all that I found an office work after college and stayed sitting for eight hours, I started to feel the numbness and sprain on my both legs. My first stage of treatment was in a traditional massager, I've never been to any specialist due to financial reasons.The traditional massager teach me all of those above and it was very effective to me. If I could go swimming in sea water for thirty minutes continously is much better he said.But I can't maybe if I going back home I'll do it again everyday in the seashore before sunrise or it could be before sunset.


jodi July 24, 2009 at 4:47 AM  

me too, i don't have regular exercise that's why my body is in pain everytime i challenge myself in some sports activities