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Friday, July 3, 2009


Yeah!...I've seen the live telecast yesterday that made me wait if...if..Murray did win the game.There is no luck for the British man this time.The long awaited game to have another Brit's player to win in Wimbledon is still a dream.

After RODDICK win over Murray it is obvious to think again of FEDERER vs RODDICK on final.Even the game between HAAS vs FEDERER is not yet started yesterday I have already on positive imagination of who will be on final. Let us look back for how many times these two players facing each other on courts in some other places.Maybe this time more excitements and actions especially the tricks of both players . Federer wants to break the record of PETE SAMPRAS in Wimbledon but Roddick planning more tactics to stop FEDERER . My bet this time is FEDERER to be the record breaking game story.The only thing I hate is to see FEDERER crying again while recieving the prize.

Roddick did a great job yesterday but on third set between Murray they gathered the score of** 5-1 .Murray recovered it until having a tie score . How if Murray did not have trouble on his knee on that moments? I'm sure Roddick lost that game, believe me . Roddick has always that record of advancing on the first half and losing at the end. Here is some Roddick's words after winning over Murray.

Here is the short video after FEDERER WINS . .And this is the game story of HAAS vs FEDERER of yesterday's event.

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