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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thanks to **MrGtafan52**on YouTube.
Two giants from different side of world sport meets in one place to celebrate and fight each other.If we imagine this scene in real life what would happen next? I mean if they will truly fights each other. Shaquille O'Neil as a giant on basketball court and we all know that most wrestler are all giant sizes. Funny show I want to share to those who did seen yet this video.Enjoy watching guys......and have fun!

First ISRAELI to play on NBA

(image by AP@JP)
OMRI CASSPI was one of the lucky who was selected by the SACRAMENTO KINGS in last month 23rd selection draft.He is become the first Israeli set to play on NBA. Here in his home team preparing for EuroBASKET tournament this coming September has a shaky problems with some teammates that resulted to boycotted the Sunday's training sessions.Monday's meeting with his coach Tzvika Sherf said he will not be playing the EuroBasket tournaments.

"There's no chance I will join the national team in training before August 20 and we agreed to speak again later. However, at the moment it seems as though I won't be joining the team at all.

"I need to make some difficult decisions because I'm facing a critical year in my career. I want to play for the team, although it is difficult to see it happening."

For more on Israel sports please click it here to bring you to Jerusalem Post/Sport .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The New EC Support Team

Answers all my tickets sent since April '09 that I cannot access to my account. I sent a lot of tickets to the OLD EC SUPPORT team but as I had said it has same email messages I've received of how to log in that it doesn't help at all. I asked a lot of questions on that tickets.And I almost gave up of backing out entrecard but I'm trying to wait the last minute and having one reason to stay for the mean time was my 40K plus points credits left before the problems occurred.

This morning I've checked my gmail messages and I found out that the NEW EC SUPPORT TEAM replies all my tickets one by one! But I have enjoying EC dropping since Sunday night. I just forgot to reply the email with the right password they've sent to me last Sunday. My apology but I'm happy and so excited that is why I forgot the feedback messages for them , lol.Let us have hope that this new owner of EC will have equal and transparent policy implementation to all members.And lastly hope they will add more cash to the credit points we earned during dropping to compensate our efforts in clicking every blogs here.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beckham has been FINED after confronted angry fans

MLS- Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber dished out US1,000$ to the former England captain last Friday evening.Video shown below is how David Beckham confronted one soccer fans who jumped down to reach and face him but guards came to stop them . Fans had bad streamers welcoming Beckham and booed him last Mondays game at Galaxy that caused him to have fine .Here are some words written to banners and streamers that fans holding during the game 'Go Home Fraud' and 'Hey Becks, Here Before You, Here after You, Here Despite You'.

Thanks to sirtoilet 100 for this video.

Remember Bobby Lashley?

Now he returns to TNA Wrestling!!It has been a quite months or maybe years that I did not watched wrestling show in any TV program either in you tube .I just read in newspaper so I found it in here.Try to view this video how his co-wrestler welcome him.And the end he hit everybody on the ring for their big surprise. lol. So funny sometimes on wrestling who are the enemies and who are they going with. Why are they hitting the referee that almost killed ?.lol . When I'm at home we always nothing messed up every weeks show because kids are the avid fans of wrestling. And of course hubby , I'm sitting meter distance to him to avoid his hands. Take note of also in boxing if he is watching we are sitting far distance to him ,hehehe.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

my remedies on leg&foot numbness/sprain

**Jogging and walking barefoot in the sand during sunny days on the nearby shoreline helps relieved numbness and cure sprain on my legs and feet.**Sometimes I brought sea water to my work and mixed it to warm water in small basin then soak deep in my feet until the mixed water(sea-warm regular) becomes cold.**Sitting in the beach to sea water edge or where sea waves rolling at shoreline and let your legs work by pushing sands back and fort as much as you can. **Do not walk inside the house barefooted because the cold temperature of concrete floors get inside faster that none of us don't agree on it while we feel good when walking barefooted.****This is all what I'm doing now here abroad after I stopped walking every morning or not going regularly to shoreline for almost four years now due to kind of work I have.

I was a very active in sport activities during my high school life. I used to walked early morning going to school and going back home every afternoon of more than thirty kilometer back and fort.School activities aside from walking and jogging I played basketball, softball, running , etc. During my colleges days I'm working at the same time and usually have a long walked going to work and in school . I always run up the seventh floor of the university to catched up my first subject from my work place. After all that I found an office work after college and stayed sitting for eight hours, I started to feel the numbness and sprain on my both legs. My first stage of treatment was in a traditional massager, I've never been to any specialist due to financial reasons.The traditional massager teach me all of those above and it was very effective to me. If I could go swimming in sea water for thirty minutes continously is much better he said.But I can't maybe if I going back home I'll do it again everyday in the seashore before sunrise or it could be before sunset.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


BWA-HA-HA-HA, HE-HE-HE, HI-HI-HIK-HI-HI-HIK.......Oh my GOD! Why they have that gay referee over there? I can't stop laughing here alone. It was completely what we are looking for watching the football games worldwide.Comedy, tricks, goal keeper, fights, fans, referees , etc. and everything are all in one video. It drives me crazy laughing while the whole morning I'm crying. Jeysuszz... Chriiist!... please help me stop laughing here alone.And I'm farting already, *sigh*.

THANKS to RonaldoSadec85 for uploading a video like this.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Israel's HOPE for 2012 Olympics

Track and field committee eyed one young pure Ethiopian immigrant to be their man to bring home a gold medal on 2012 Olympics. Ymar Getahon at age 16 breaks the Israel's record in 800 m run. Last week's Maccabiach games beating all his competitors in 1,500m run breaking the records of 1979. This week he will compete the 3,000 meter events in Finland for European Youth Games .From now on he will represents Israel not Ethiopia as the flag bearer world wide in track and field category.

"I came to Israel in 1999 to compete the 42km run in Tiberias Marathon representing Ethiopia and I was the first placer on that events" recalled Getahon.

He entered the country at age 10 but not all family members granted and live with him . He is not happy for the situation even he won a lot of medals if he remembered his sister and brothers they left behind in Ethiopia living alone.Read more in Jerusalem Post how his life being an athlete and during the process of his residency in Israel . It is not that easy like other country to be fully legalized here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 awards from David Funk

This tag was passed to me once again by my very good friend David Funk.Thank you very much friend!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NBA's BEST PLAY'S of 2009

You can visit for more games.

I was smiling when I found this video on YouTube.I'm sure when you watched all of these games you smiled too and remembered everything.Left hands/right hand dunks & dunks , steals , free throws, three pointers long shots,lay ups, etc., it was all amazing games. Sometimes while I'm watching those games I'm closing my eyes, lol. especially if O'Neil driving the ball . Any players stopped on his way to the goal , will surely splashed to the floor.Kobe's covering his face while smiling was the nicest image to viewers, right? That's one great gestures in sporting world.It's so funny that when the audiences in that stadium cheering ,shouting every time when there was goals and I'm doing it too. Huh! but I'm alone watching in front of TV, hehehe.Watching sports was my one way of escaping my stresses for the whole day's work.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Ongoing games at Kfar Maccabiah campus has a results of today's quarter final games to a win win games for Israel's #1 on tennis none other than DUDI SELA. 3-6-6-7 in four sets points earned to ouch MIKHAIL YOUSHNY of RUSSIA.Playing in home country is one advantage and inspired by SELA to win the game . Cheering audiences has disturbed the concentrations of Youzhny but it was a big support to their very owned player DUDI.Previous stories before this quarter final games and other Israeli tennis players can be read at JERUSALEM POST/SPORTS

Going around in all corners of the country of Israel is seeing flags written MACCABIAH which means "Jewish Olympics".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Let us looked backed the day when MJ performed in most popular sports Superbowl in one of the biggest stadium and what he contributes to all children all over the world.Sharing and giving the message of the good ideas to "heal the world" by joining hands to hundreds of children's on stage. Imagine the Staples center arena yesterday of the farewell tribute to MJ and this stadium where he performed few years backed?. He brings all peoples in all walks of life to show the world and to unite until he's last hour on earth.

I know most of readers here saying " what is the connection of this sports video to the death of pop icon MJ?".And please don't be annoyed if some are still talking about MJ.They have common purpose for the world of sports and the life of MJ. First the "charities " that he gave and shared to all children's that needed help.In all of his hard work on stage performances he always shared what he had. Hope everybody here read the news what are included in the list of beneficiaries about MJ's $500M assets. Did you see there in the list written the last word "charities"?. Secondly to the sporting world , every amount earned in every sports events the proceeds goes to "charities " and one main reason why forming the sports show. And lastly, all champions on all kinds of sports has started as a young children until they become an icon like MJ and all world champions in every games of the world of sports begins at their young ages. Am I right saying that all good things we need to remember from MJ?

I'm a ghost believers, I saw my eldest brother days after funeral .I did feel something what will happened to one members of our family before 48 hours that my father died but I was not sure then that he was. Ghost chooses peoples whom they wanted to show up and it has messages they wanted to tell or to let someone remembers. If this video above will show to those peoples behind this high tech world , surely they will say "it is ghosts".Coloring the audiences with that laser stick on MJ's hands and take note that all peoples sitting down there are not children's,right?.It is called high tech in recent civilization but to those behind the dark clouds they called it "ghosts".

Sunday, July 5, 2009


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What else I could say... I... WON! bet , not big amount but a big No tears from the winner and brings back the great smile of R. FEDERER claiming as number one starting today . My guessing power worked well this time, lol. and CONGRATULATIONS to both of them . That's true Roddick can come back to play in coming years and hold one trophy of his own. He did a great job too.But wait thing I've catches to what FEDERER said - he came to play good and not to break records, oh no...all players around sporting world has a big dream to be a record holder. It will come true if one player break the record who was the latest champion written on the board. Huh! ..a bit strange to hear that from one tennis player icon.That's all for Wimbledon 2009.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Yeah!...I've seen the live telecast yesterday that made me wait if...if..Murray did win the game.There is no luck for the British man this time.The long awaited game to have another Brit's player to win in Wimbledon is still a dream.

After RODDICK win over Murray it is obvious to think again of FEDERER vs RODDICK on final.Even the game between HAAS vs FEDERER is not yet started yesterday I have already on positive imagination of who will be on final. Let us look back for how many times these two players facing each other on courts in some other places.Maybe this time more excitements and actions especially the tricks of both players . Federer wants to break the record of PETE SAMPRAS in Wimbledon but Roddick planning more tactics to stop FEDERER . My bet this time is FEDERER to be the record breaking game story.The only thing I hate is to see FEDERER crying again while recieving the prize.

Roddick did a great job yesterday but on third set between Murray they gathered the score of** 5-1 .Murray recovered it until having a tie score . How if Murray did not have trouble on his knee on that moments? I'm sure Roddick lost that game, believe me . Roddick has always that record of advancing on the first half and losing at the end. Here is some Roddick's words after winning over Murray.

Here is the short video after FEDERER WINS . .And this is the game story of HAAS vs FEDERER of yesterday's event.

MORE sports stories on BBC TENNIS

Thursday, July 2, 2009's WILLIAMS sisters !

See that?...I'm thinking weird and true, lol .I can not see now another faces on actions for the next round. In just less than one hour the game is over. 6-1,6-0 on score board in favor to V.Williams additional winning record. Safina overpowering the games that turns to frustrations. A very aggressive hit since the game was started.Seems no control of hitting the ball or she's just over excited, I don't know even, lol.

Any reactions on my guessing power? lol.Go back to my last post Demetieva vs S.Williams so that you read my word just an hour ago.

So ..maybe more excitements on men's games as always. Hellooo.... we're still on the Wimbledon summer tennis championships.Hope I can own a tv set soon to have complete "live" views. I'm just lucky now that no one interested on seeing news started 5 pm . lol.

Demetieva VS S.Williams

Just finished watching live telecast of Wimbledon summer tennis '09. Scoring 6-7-8 in favor win of S. Williams defeating E. Demetieva on her score of 7-5-6. Almost three hours in dry tennis court that both of them looks dehydrated, no sweating . S. Williams had a hard time for the last two sets but gaving and working her best serving killer assets on center court , it worth a lot to be on next round.Had five consecutive served in the speed of about 99mph but Demetieva didnt hit the ball.Great job!Crowds are favored with Demetieva I think, no big claps for Williams points mostly I saw and heard. Less aggresive actions this time and little tricks on court.

Let us see sister V.Williams if she could make it again. What!? I'm thinking a bit wierd now . Might Williams sisters again!? on the final . Ohhh...I want another actions to see. lol. They are both amazing and working hard to reach thier goals but I want another champion 2009 in Wimbledon. Give others a chance to be there on the top.